Example of slow-down

How slow and how fast the story of a novel moves is highly important. The pace of the story is designed to keep the reader’s attention. Fast and slow usually alternate during the telling of the storyline. Slow most often is reserved for romantic scenes, but the pace speeds up during highly exciting scenes. Again, in The Road At St. Liseau, the storyline is slowed down as Robert and Lisa are first getting to know each other.

(p.22) …“By the start of December, he could walk longer distances still partly guided by Lisa as they trudged along. ‘Robert, I want to ask you a question. Will you tell me the truth? Of course I’ll tell you the truth, he chuckled, why do you think I won’t tell you the truth?’ Lisa looked up at him dismissing his retort, tilting her head to one side. ‘Do you think I’m pretty?’ she asked unashamedly. They stopped in the middle of their walk while Robert turned and studied her momentarily. Her question surprised him, but strangely enough he realized he had viewed her as a nurse instead of the object of romance. She was pretty, yes, and now he noticed her figure and looked at her face as if he had never seen her before.”


Example of speed up in The Pilatus Enigma, p. 74

(Marc and Erika are in a car at the Stonehenge monument getting ready to leave after sightseeing for a few hours.)

“Marc put the key in the ignition and turned it to start the engine. There was a slow groaning noise as the engine tried to start up.  It was not the first time Marc had heard the same sound. He immediately turned off the key and shouted out loud. ‘Out…out, Erika…’ Marc screamed as loud as he could, ‘fast, hurry, don’t look back, just run as hard as you can.’ They both made about fifty feet or so before the car erupted in a horrendous explosion, spewing billows of black smoke and red-orange flames. They both were thrown flat on the ground when the car exploded a second time. Concussions from the sheer magnitude of the detonations took a sudden and heavy toll on their bodies. Erika’s outer clothes were sheared off her body and she lay on the ground in her underwear. Shrapnel from the exploding car cut into her arms and legs and at the same time blew her shoes away. Marc’s shirt sleeves were stripped from his arms and his pants legs were shredded.”

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