"The war is over for St. Liseau, but the price has been almost too much to bear."

Humankind is capable of such magnificent achievements - and such terrible tragedies.

“There are no great men…there are only great challenges, met by ordinary people in unusual circumstances.”

Admiral William Halsey,
Battle of Midway, WWII


The Road at St. Liseau

Army bombardier Captain Robert Marsden crashes his B-17 in occupied France after a mission over Germany.  Operating from a French “safe house” in the little village of St. Liseau, he joines the French Resistance carrying out sabotage against German forces on secret raids and espionage forays along the French coast.  Narrowly evading capture and getting wounded are only the start of his activities as he falls in love with a young French girl and sends information to Allied Supreme Headquarters leading up to the invasion of Normandy. German troops begin retreating deeper into the French countryside along the road at St. Liseau.  Fighting off Germans at the St. Liseau barricade changes everyone’s life and causes greater dangers that threaten the future of all who live in St. Liseau.


by Julia Ann Charpentier
Clarion rating

Heartbreaking and graphic, this romantic thriller brings the horrors of World War II vividly to life.

Set in Nazi-occupied France during World War II, this romantic spy thriller plumbs the depths of despair and scales the heights of joy in a riveting depiction of sacrifice and love. Thomas W. Becker’s The Road at St. Liseau presents a familiar scenario-a young nurse instills the will to live in a critically injured American army captain.

Robert Marsden crashes a B-17 into the countryside and lands in the arms of Lisa Jardin, a beautiful woman with the touch of a guardian angel. His undercover work as part of the French Resistance puts him in grave danger throughout this novel.

Excerpts from the book

“If I’m going to get out of here alive, you MUST send this message as quickly as possible,” Robert begged.

“I know who you are,” Kohl confided, “and I’m supposed to get you to a Baltic seaport and a boat that will take you to the Channel. You know, of course, that Froelich is a double agent. He really is Gestapo – we’ve been onto him now for several months. You’re in critical danger, monsieur, and when the chance arises he’ll turn you over to the SS and claim the reward. Either you or I have got to kill him, and very soon. He won’t let you near a short wave radio, which means he’ll make his move very soon now.”

“If I get captured, you MUST get this information to London and send the message. Can you do that?”

“You have my word,” Kohl answered, “there are others standing by if I get killed. Don’t worry, monsieur, your message will get through. We also will send a map of the flying bomb ramps so the Allies can begin bombing them. Courage, my friend, Froelich is returning,” Kohl ended his speech in a whisper.

Robert was in no position to bargain, he had to trust Kohl or his entire mission would be a failure. If it was true that Froelich was a double agent, Robert reasoned, they were all in danger. If the emergency message to London never got sent, he would die here in Peenemunde. If the message was sent, Kohl would be the only person to tell the commando unit where to extract Robert, if he was still alive.

Robert suddenly changed the conversation. “So the tracks lead straight to the test site?” he said, loud enough for Froelich to hear him. Kohl joined in the subterfuge.

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