Humankind is capable of such magnificent achievements - and such terrible tragedies.

“There are no great men…there are only great challenges, met by ordinary people in unusual circumstances.”


Admiral William Halsey,
Battle of Midway, WWII

"The war is over for St. Liseau, but the price has been almost too much to bear."

Thomas W. Becker


Thomas W. Becker

After three years in the US Navy with an honorable discharge, Tom graduated from the University of Missouri in 1958 with an AB degree in clinical psychology and secondary education. He taught history and geography for six years and then began a 55-year career teaching space science and technologies to gifted upper high school and undergraduate students that took him to 45 of the 50 states plus teaching five years in England and Wales. He studied North Atlantic hurricanes as well as Mars look-alike terrain in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico focusing on satellite remote sensing technologies. He worked closely with most international space agencies in Europe, India, Canada, Japan, China, Australia and the Soviet Union. He gives occasional public lectures and writes books about his experiences including five romance/adventure espionage novels set in Europe and America during World War II. Tom has written 16 books and more than 300 magazine and journal articles with a number of awards and honors.


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